The Leadership Academy


The Leadership Academy identifies, inspires, and mentors emerging leaders from the local level for the Cape Fear REALTORS®. This leadership development program is designed to guide each participant through their own self-discovery process and to teach the necessary skills to become a more positive influence within the community and the industry.


  1. To identify and develop new leaders who are members of Cape Fear REALTORS®.
  2. To ensure the Cape Fear REALTORS® Leadership Academy is diverse, non-discriminatory, geographically representative and forward-thinking in its vision, application, and administration.
  3. To ensure that the program is designed to develop leadership skills that can be applied to benefit the candidates in their family life, community, local boards and associations, and state and national associations of REALTORS®.

Skills you will learn:

2020 Schedule:

In order to graduate, you must complete 8 out of 9 mandatory classes that are scheduled throughout the year.