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State Information

As always, the well-being of NC REALTORS® members and your families is our first concern. We recognize that these are unprecedented times for our state, our nation, and countries around the world.

Information provided by the state association on health and safety for REALTORS®, guidance for business continued business practice and transaction disruptions.

NC Stay-At-Home Order & Strategic Directions
Governor Roy Cooper issued a “Stay-at-Home” order for the state of North Carolina starting Monday, March 30 at 5 pm. Real estate services, including brokerage, are specifically allowed to continue if activity follows health guidelines.
-  Executive Order 121

Revised Thursday, April 23
-  Executive Order 135
-  View Presesntation slides
Governor Cooper shared information about how North Carolina can gradually re-open over three phases to prevent hot spots of viral spread while also beginning to bring our economy back. These phases are based on the best information available now, but could be altered as new information emerges.


General Assembly Approves COVID-19 Relief Plan
The General Assembly gave final approval for a $1.6 billion relief package to address issues from the coronavirus crisis. This package was approved in two separate bills. House Bill 1043 focused on the appropriations provisions of the relief efforts, while Senate Bill 704 focused on the policy proposals. Both bills passed by overwhelming, bipartisan votes, and were signed by Governor Cooper on Monday the 4th. 
-  House Bill 1043 "2020 COVID-19 Recovery Act"
    Millions in funding approved for broadband internet, rural hospitals, small business loans, local governments, state tourism marketing, and the Department of Transportation.
-  Senate Bill 704 "COVID-19 Recovery Act"
    Covers a variety of points such as interest accruals, remote notaries, amending the Good Funds Settlement Act, and 2020-2021 school year start date.

Form 790-COVID-19 Addendum to Offer to Purchase and Contract
NC REALTORS® has developed and released a form for REALTOR® use regarding COVID-19. Information about the form can be found in its Q&A document, and the form can be directly downloaded from NC REALTORS®. The form will also be populated to online vendors such as ZipForms as soon as possible.
-  790-COVID-19 Addendum - Offer to Purchase & Contract
   *You need to login using their NCR credentials.

Will Martin, General Counsel for NC REALTORS® and Steve Barnes, Vice President and Managing Broker of Beverly-Hanks REALTORS® in Downtown Ashville discussing the new COVID-19 Addendum.
NC REALTORS® COVID-19 Addendum Form Overview - Video

NC Health & Human Services
Find the latest updates on the state’s response to Coronavirus (COVID-19) from the North Carolina HHS including executive orders from the Governor’s office and guidance for businesses, employees, childcare, community events, unemployment, and much more.
Most Recent Updates from NC Health & Human Services

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