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Up Your Game

Up Your Game

Entrepreneur David Bradford has Upped his Game. He went from a disconnected guy from Red Lodge Montana, to the leader of two companies that the WSJ and Forbes called the Top Ten Most Promising Companies in America. He did this through learning and practicing principles which he eventually called his “Up Principles.”

He is an author and his book Up Your Game: 6 Timeless Principles for Networking Your Way to the Top is simply put, “Business is all about connecting. The more you connect, the more efficiently you connect; and the more credible you connect, the more success you will have. Social media networking enables people to connect more efficiently and cost-effectively than ever before.”

He suggests 6 Principles to build relationships and grow your business. Up your Game by taking these six steps:

  1. Start Up: Start today to build your network. But networking is a way to give and serve customers. Take no thought of getting anything in return.
  2. Show Up: Be there in person and online. Only those that show up make a difference.
  3. Follow Up: Immediate follow up is essential to stay top of mind. Stay in touch. Be creative.
  4. Link Up: Make a personal connection.
  5. Stand Up: Be credible. Never engage in activity that would give people a reason not to do business with you.
  6. Scale Up: Do some type of networking every day.

David Bradford is a great example of success but it didn’t just happen. He believes that “assimilating information and building relationships can work together to synergistically open doors.” He says in the book, “never take downtime from networking…networking is an investment, not a nuisance.”

Real estate is a business of relationships. Follow David’s advise and Up Your Game in 2019.