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Governmental Affairs Committee

Meets the first Wednesday of each month from 3-4pm. Members that are not part of the committee should email the staff liaision, Shane Johnson at least a day ahead of the meeting if you would like to attend.

Government Affairs Committee is comprised of:

  • Ea Ruth, Chair
  • Donald Harley, Vice-Chair
  • Julie Damron
  • Donna Grady
  • Stephen Hall
  • Stephen Hobbs
  • Sharon Laney
  • Henry Miller, III
  • Keith Suttle
  • Patrick Riley
  • James Huff, Allied Member


Candidate Selection Task Force

Meets to make funding decisions and recommendations on state and local candidates. The meetings are closed, but members are encouraged to provide helpful insights about candidates by emailing the staff liaison, Shane Johnson.

Candidate Selection Task Force is comprised of:

  • Susan Lacy, Chair
  • Spruill Thompson
  • Lynn Harris
  • Shane Register
  • Chris Huff
  • Jeff Hovis


You are here: Home Governmental Affairs Committee