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NCREC’s New Oil, Gas and Mineral Form

WILMINGTON, N.C. (December 5, 2014) - The N.C. Real Estate Commission has created a new form called the Mineral and Oil and Gas Rights Mandatory Disclosure Statement (MOGMDS). On and after January 1, 2015, sellers must complete this form and buyers should receive it by the time an offer is made (see Paragraph 5(e) of the new version of OTP&C dated 1-1-15). This rule applies to all Single-family and Multi-family units that are 4 or less.

Brokers must insure that for each active listing there is a seller completed MOGMDS and that it is uploaded to the MLS. To upload this form, simply click on Revise Listing, then Attach External Document (screenshot) for each listing. Check the box for Mineral/Oil/Gas Rights Mndtry Dsc Stmnt. Click the link below to access this new form now.


Join the Conversation with the NC Homeowners Alliance

GREENSBORO, N.C. (September 3, 2014) - The 2014 General Assembly session has finished, and everyone in Raleigh is welcoming the break. There's no rest for the driven though - the REALTORS® are already looking ahead to 2015!

NC Homeowners Alliance

Every year, the General Assembly passes legislation that affects property owners in North Carolina. That's why NCAR has expanded the mission of the North Carolina Homeowners Alliance. Throughout the fall, they are raising awareness about how legislation can affect property owners in North Carolina, and we want you to be part of the conversation.

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Petition: Keep North Carolina Film Incentives

WILMINGTON, N.C. (September 1, 2014) - North Carolina is enjoying unprecedented growth in feature film, television series and commercial productions as a direct result of our balanced, sustainable Film Incentive Program.

With annual in-state spend approaching $500M in 2013, North Carolina was home to Iron Man, The Hunger Games and hosts ongoing series like Banshee and Homeland.

While our 25% incentive attracts Hollywood productions looking to save money through tax-rebates, the vast majority of the money spent in-state is driven to "below-the-line" tradespeople like carpenters, production assistants, electricians, grips, make-up artists, catering and craft services freelance employees. Local hotels, restaurants, retail stores and industries that support the filmed-entertainment industry reap millions of dollars from visiting productions due to the Film Incentive Program.

In the long-term, NC needs new tax legislation / tax reform to lure long-term investment from companies looking f or a new, permanent home.

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Claim Your .REALTOR Domain Early

CHICAGO, I.L. (August 20, 2014) - Recently, NAR announced that REALTORS® can begin to claim a .REALTOR domain on October 23, 2014. Having a .REALTOR domain instantly showcases your status as a REALTOR® to consumers and connects you to the $5 billion REALTOR® brand.
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As a member on the priority registration list, you have 72 hours BEFORE the general membership to claim your domain(s). Mark October 20, 2014 on your calendar now to visit and be among the first to have a .REALTOR website.  Additional details on priority registration will be provided.

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NC REALTOR® Residential Forms (Finally) Released

GREENSBORO, N.C. (August 11, 2014) - Following a brief delay, 19 residential forms that have been created, revised or eliminated in the past year are now being released.  Although the forms are usually updated July 1 each year, this year's roll-out was delayed as a result of a bill pending in the General Assembly that would have required additional forms changes if it became law.  It does not appear that the bill will be acted on in this legislative session, so the forms are now being released.

The "Summary of July 2014 Residential Forms Changes" can be accessed on the Legal Department page of the NCAR website by clicking here. Clean and sample versions of the forms are now available on the Legal Department page under Contract Forms.  The forms have also been sent to NCAR's approved forms software vendors.


The Naïve Question

What’s working and what’s not in real estate today?

Written by Steve Murray, REAL Trends publisher

The National Association of Realtors® (NAR) recently unveiled a significant new effort to increase the efficacy and performance standards of all state and local associations. At the heart of the effort is a list of standards of performance that focus on advocacy, community involvement, code of ethics issues, regulatory focus and other subjects closely related to a new core mission for the association. While the launch of the program is making some local associations nervous, for the most part it is well received by leaders at all levels of the association.

This effort may also be followed by a similar effort focused on the organization and operation of the MLSs of the country. NAR is to be congratulated for taking the initiative to look inside its own house and do what can be done to raise the level of performance across the board.

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