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CFR Awards and Nomination 2019

2019 CFR Awards

Each year Cape Fear REALTORS® recognizes REALTOR® professionals who have reached exceptional levels in various categories. Awards nomination forms are closed until summer 2020.

REALTOR® of the Year (Highest Award)

Description: This annual award is given to honor those REALTORS® who have provided outstanding service to CFR, their profession, the State and National Associations, and to their community.

Who Qualifies: Any REALTORS® in your Association who are deserving of this honor. The REALTOR® of the Year Committee consisting of the last five recipients able to serve will make the final choice. The President is NOT an eligible candidate.

Recent Winner: 2019 Lynn Harris

Previous Winners
2008 Jonathan Barfield
2009 Susan Lacy
2010 April McDavid
2011 Mary Martin
2012 Deb Hays
2013 Ashley Garner
2014 Neal Johnson
2015 Jody Wainio
2016 Sherri Pickard
2017 Don Harris
2018 Tony Harrington


Salesperson of the Year

Description: This annual award is given based upon the following criteria: number of closed transactions, dollar volume, active and continuous dedication to the Association through participation in committees and Association functions; recipient should be striving for designation/certification or have one, should exemplify team spirit, leadership, loyalty, cooperation with peers and dedication to community service.

Who Qualifies: Nominee must have been associated with the nominating firm for at least one (1) year and MUST be a REALTOR® member in good standing. Give your sales associates the recognition they deserve! Only Designated REALTORS® may make nominations for this award.


Recent Winner: 2019 Keith Beatty

Previous Winners       
2008 Vance Young
2009 Don Harris
2010 Michelle Clark
2011 Clinton Howlett Jr.
2012 Jimmy Hopkins
2013 Bobby Brandon
2014 Joyce Barnwell
2015 Nicole Valentine
2016 Alicia Devereaux
2017 Tom Gale
2018 Gail Bailey


Sally Noffsinger Scholarship Award

Description: This annual award offers up to $225 toward GRI or any NAR or NCR sponsored advanced course.

Who Qualifies: A Cape Fear REALTOR® for a minimum of one (1) year and a maximum of three (3) years. Nominee must have 1) Attended at least one local Association or State sponsored seminar, in addition to required continuing education; 2) Closed at least 5 transactional sides during their CFR membership. The principal broker of the firm may submit one written nomination for the “top rookie” in their office explaining why that person is worthy.


Recent Winner: 2019 Dylan Kosinski

Previous Winners
2007 Bobby Jean Harvey
2008 Ashley Garner
2009 Carla Lewis
2010 Kraig Marquis
2012 Nicole Valentine
2013 Bob Fannon
2014 Rebecca Lothe
2015 Karen Moran Germ
2016 Kevin Donovan
2017 Loren Baysden
2018 Jamie Lynn Crist


Business Partner of the Year

Description: This award will be given to a Business Partner who has made outstanding efforts on behalf of our Association and the real estate profession.

Who Qualifies: Business Partners based upon the following merits: Participation in local Association activities (most important), civic activities, contributions to governmental, cultural, social and religious activities, participation in activities of NCR; other significant achievements. These persons, who time after time contribute so much to our Association in time, efforts, and hard work, need to be recognized.

Recent Winner:  2019 Bill Scott Corning Credit Union

Previous Winners
2008 David Flory
2009 Gail West
2010 J.D. Terry
2011 Crystal Fray
2012 Lisa Mesler
2013 Bonnie Jean Davies
2014 Melanie Orlando
2015 Chris Huff
2016 Lisa Mesler of PNC Mortgage
2017 Corning Credit Union
2018 Mariah Chamberlin Angel Oak Home Loans


Cathy Clark Memorial Award

Description: This award is an annual scholarship in the amount of $200 that may be used toward any designation or broker courses and/or technology training.

Who Qualifies: Any REALTOR® member that is also an MLS participant qualifies for this scholarship. The nominee must have been an Association member for a minimum of two (2) years and be a full-time active agent. The nominee must have attended at least one local association or state-sponsored seminar. Anyone may submit one written nomination explaining why that person is worthy.

Recent Winner: 2019 Ariana Jo

Previous Winners
2008 Jody Wainio
2009 Ashley Garner
2010 Kasey Valente
2011 David Eggleston Jr.
2012 Jane Dodd
2014 Jimmy Hopkins
2015 Laurie Smith
2016 Neal Johnson
2017 Gloria Green
2018 Jennifer Terflinger

Hall of Fame Award

Description: This award honors outstanding lifetime contributions by individuals within our industry who have contributed consistent outstanding service to our profession in the areas of development, environment or government and/or leadership that have an enduring effect upon the real estate profession.

Who Qualifies: Anyone may submit a nominee. The nominee may be an Association member (REALTOR®, Allied Member, etc.) or a Non-REALTOR® within the real estate industry.

Recent Winner: 2019 Bob Bryant

Previous Winners
2008 Bob McKoy
2009 Linda Coite
2010 Jim Wallace
2011 Phillip Galloway
2012 John Pierson
2013 Danny Brock
2014 Tom Spencer
2015 Patrice Willetts
2016 Harold Parker
2017 Ned Barclay
2018 Jody Wainio


Paul Sullins’ Community Service Award

Description:  Started in 2009, this award is given to a REALTOR® who deserves recognition due to their contributions to the betterment of their communities through outstanding public service.

Who Qualifies: All REALTOR® members, except the current CFR Officers, are eligible for the award. Previous winners are not eligible. The award will not be awarded posthumously.

Recent Winner: 2019 Chris Spivey

Previous Winners
2009 Melisa Gallison
2010 Jimmy Hopkins
2011 Deb Hays
2012 Bob McKoy
2013 Betsy Leonard
2014 Bobby Jean Harvey
2015 Becky Brown
2016 Clare Kiley
2017 Tim Milam
2018 Karen Dreshsel


Wilmington Downtown Top Producer of the Year

Description:  Each year, Wilmington Downtown Inc. (WDI) will recognize the REALTOR® who closes the most transactions downtown at the CFR’s 4th Quarterly Luncheon.

Who Qualifies:  The winner will be determined through a detailed analysis of all downtown transactions recorded through the Wilmington Multiple Listing Service (MLS), which is managed by CFR. The time period begins December 1, through November 9. For purposes of the award, downtown will be defined as the areas bounded by the Cape Fear River, 16th Street and Wooster to Nixon streets.

Each year, the winner will be awarded a plaque and digital logo stating his or her recognition as the "Wilmington Downtown Top Producer of the Year.”  Additionally, the winning agent will be recognized on WDI's website and E-newsletter. The program is not designed to define downtown, but recognize and celebrate the REALTORS® most successful at selling property in downtown Wilmington. A committee of WDI board members collaborated with members of the CFR board to define the parameters and criteria for award selection.

Recent Winner: 2019 Todd Toconis

Previous Winners
2013 MaDonna Kesling
2014 Todd Toconis
2015 Todd Toconis
2016 Todd Toconis
2017 Todd Toconis
2018 Todd Toconis





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